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Remote Subwoofer Level Control: Yes
Power ON LED Indicator: Yes
Front & SUB /Rear Inputs: Yes
Front Input Mono/ Stereo Mode: Yes
Front & SUB /Rear Inputs selector: Yes
RCA Output for: Flat/Sub/Rear/Mid/High
Ouput Level Controls: Flat/Sub/Rear/Mid/High
Output ON/ OFF Controls for: Flat/Sub/Rear/Mid/High
SUBWOOFER Subsonic Filter(Hz): 40/30/20/FLAT with 24db/OCT
SUBWOOFER Low Pass Filter ( Hz): 500/300/160/Flat
SUBWOOFER Bass Boost Control: 0- +12db
SUBWOOFER phase Shift Control: o - 180
MID High Pass Filter (Hz): 250/150/80/FLAT
MID Low Pass Filter (KHz): 4/2/1.2/FLAT
HIGH Pass Filter (KHz): 4/2/1.2/900 Hz
HiGH Phase Shift Control: 0 and 180
PWM Power Supply: Very Stable
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20KHz
Harmonic Distortion: <0.02%
Signal To Noise Ratio: >90db
Soft Start Turn-On Circuit: Yes
Dimensions, WxHxD: 9.10"x1.60"x5.5" (231x32x141mm)